2016 Pét-Nats: The Return of the Astro Bunny, The Empire Strikes Back

***STOP PRESS**** As of April 4th 2017 the 2016 Astro Bunny is officially SOLD OUT. Blackhearts & Sparrows stores in Melbourne may have availability for the next few weeks, and you can also try Different Drop or DRNKS online. I’d like to thank all those customers, restaurants, independent retailers and not forgetting the coffee shops who believed in the Bunny… Read more →

Picking it / 2014

So I’d shot my big mouth off, it was too late now, I had to make a wine. The initial plan was to see if I could make a wine that could be picked, pressed, fermented, bottled and sold before I got back on a plane to the UK on May 1st. The second consideration was something more theoretical, perhaps… Read more →

Making it / 2014

Pet Nat is – theoretically at least – one of the simplest styles of wines to make. Pick – press – ferment – bottle – voilá. One of the features of Pet Nat is that it requires no additions of sulphur dioxide due to the fact that as the wine is constantly fermenting up to and including the point at… Read more →

Naming it / 2014

I’ve learnt many things making this wine, but the three most striking are: 1. Making your own wine – from grape to bottle – is a fundamentally different process than working a vintage at a winery. When working vintage you get given a number of tasks to perform, repetitively, and you never really get to see the bigger picture, or take… Read more →

Selling it / 2014

There’s an old wine trade adage that the effort of the industry is split between 5% making it and 95% getting it to the customer. If a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound? If a deluded English guy thinks he can make wine, if it doesn’t sell it, has he made… Read more →