2018 – new wines, good times

The 2018 vintage saw the Astro Bunny move from diapers to long pants (we skipped shorts). A new winery facility in the Adelaide Hills, significant increase in volume to be able to export for the first time, and if that wasn’t enough, a spanking brand new webby-site home for the bunny. For updates on the 2018 and future wines please hop over to www.WildmanWine.com

This site will remain as a record of my pét-nat journey, and when I get round to it will be updated to include more formalised information about how to make pét-nat. I’ve been delighted to discover over the last few years that winemakers from the US to England to Greece have used the info on this site to help guide their steps on the pét-nat journey.

I’m always happy to answer questions on pét-nat production, email tim@winetec.co.uk.

Thanks for the support, and may the happy, natty, pétty, punting good times roll:)

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