Author: Tim

2022 – Welcome to Planet Bunny

In 2022 we expanded our export markets from seven to eighteen. HELLO South Korea, Norway, Sweden, Ontario, British Colombia, Québec, Ireland, Taiwan, Philippines, New Zealand and UAE  After nine years Astro Bunny and Piggy Pop finally got their own dedicated Instagram page at Wildman Wine I also wrote an article for my UK importer on why I’m hopelessly devoted to… Read more →

2021 – Frivolous & Famous – F**k Yeah!

The 2021 Astro Bunny started to attract attention from mainstream press and commercial channels, being highlighted as Wine of the Week on Jancis Robinson’s website in May, who called it ‘Utterly frivolous”. and being the first Australian pét-nat brand to be listed by The Wine Society in the UK. The revolution starts here… Read more →

2020 – bunny beats covid

The Coronavirus pandemic hit mid-vintage and I had to get out of Australia quick-sharp before the borders shut. Luckily the fruit had been picked, was safely in the winery and Michael and his intrepid team at Lodestone Winery in the Adelaide Hills continued to work through the lockdown to produce the best brace of pét-nats we’ve ever made. Astro Bunny,… Read more →

2019 – exports and upgrades

The Bunny Goes Global for the first time in 2019 with the 2018 vintage wines bouncing all over the globe to seven (seven!) new export markets: Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Denmark, Canada, US and UK. First stops on the world tour to support my new partners were Singapore and Hong Kong, both 100% Spinal Tap 🙂 The 2019 vintage saw… Read more →

2018 – new wines, good times

The 2018 vintage saw the Astro Bunny move from diapers to long pants (we skipped shorts). A new winery facility in the Adelaide Hills, significant increase in volume to be able to export for the first time, and if that wasn’t enough, a spanking brand new webby-site home for the bunny. For updates on the 2018 and future wines please… Read more →

2017 Pét-Nats: Guess who’s back, back again..?

In a rash act of complete commercial recklessness I decided to hold the 2017 Pét-Nats back for a mid-summer (in Australia) release this year, as I’ve always thought they don’t really hit their straps until twelve months after harvest. As a consequence the wines were released in February 2018, and demand has been nothing short of phenomenal, with the consequence… Read more →

2015 Pet Nats: The Force Awakens…

Fusée à Bulles has been described as looking and tasting like a Bellini, “quite good” and “not shit”. A blend of Nero d’Avola, Vermentino and Zibbibo, it’s a potable beverage, made from Australian grapes and mostly harmless. The Dark Side is almost certainly illegal, low in sulphur, high in midichlorians… Read more →

Picking it / 2014

So I’d shot my big mouth off, it was too late now, I had to make a wine. The initial plan was to see if I could make a wine that could be picked, pressed, fermented, bottled and sold before I got back on a plane to the UK on May 1st. The second consideration was something more theoretical, perhaps… Read more →