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There’s an old wine trade adage that the effort of the industry is split between 5% making it and 95% getting it to the customer. If a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound? If a deluded English guy thinks he can make wine, if it doesn’t sell it, has he made wine?

The first road-taste of the finished product properly disgorged and labelled was with friends Laura and Brendan Carter in the Adelaide Hills. (Unico Zelo Wines). Here’s how it went

An encouraging start, but the real test would be the bars and restaurants I was hoping to sell it to. On Friday 12th December I headed into Adelaide with a suitcase with six bottles in it. I was picking up the rubber stamp and labels that morning, so the plan was to label the six bottles late morning, while at ambient temperatures so the labels would stick, then ask a friend to chill them in the afternoon, then show a few bottles around late afternoon. Tight!

Tasting with Koen, Africola 


Tasting with Kennedy and Pablo, East End Cellars and David Le Mere MW, Mothervine

IMG_3748 IMG_3749

With Travis Tausend, Cork Wine Cafe


With Steve Crawford, Frederick Stevenson Wines


With Taras Ochota, Ochota Barrels and Mark Reginato, Connect Vines


On tasting (from the bottle) wine guy Koen ‘Coco” Janssens at Africola promptly ordered 48 bottles on the spot and made me the happiest non-winemaker in the universe. The next day East End Cellars also emailed an order through for delivery pre-Xmas. Cash for chaos as Malcolm McLaren would have said, or as the potty-mouthed, space travelling, star jumping, Astro Bunny would say, FUCK YEA!

On Monday 15th I labelled up six bottles and sent them via Australian post to bars and wine shops in McLaren Vale, Melbourne and Sydney.


The journey continues…..




Bunny love bouncing all over the walls!




FIMG_3791 IMG_3792



Further adventures of Bunny sales, making new customers and new friends all over Adelaide and beyond….




IMG_4922 IMG_4925 IMG_4837  IMG_4649 IMG_4643 IMG_4321 IMG_4278 IMG_4276 IMG_4268 IMG_4265 IMG_4263 IMG_4251 IMG_4249 IMG_4246 IMG_4239 IMG_4183 IMG_4182 IMG_4181 IMG_4179 IMG_4164 IMG_3873 IMG_3787 IMG_3731

And now for 2015…..


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